European Union - CARDER Sought Reflect on forest governance suport for post-conflict

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In a meeting in Bogota, with the representative of the European Union, Johny Ariza Milanes, the Director of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda, CARDER, Juan Manuel Alvarez Villegas, formally submitted a request to extend for six months forest Governance project, in order to make some budget adjustments, guide the project with emphasis on community issue and make a deep reflection of country on forests and post-conflict.

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda, intersectoral pact boosts legal timber in Colombia, under the International Cooperation Project Positioning of Forest Governance in Colombia, which is supported by the European Union, in force since January 2011.

"In this sense consists in a national event with the support of the European delegation and experts to provide what should be the role of forests in the post-conflict and how they can help consolidate the peace process in Colombia" said the Director of the Corporation

He also recalled that the agreement aims to ensure legality in all the forest chain,  that its extraction, transportation, processing and marketing come from only legal sources, including the authorization of the Regional Autonomous Corporations, which also guarantee the use sustainable natural resource.

 The Technical Director of the positioning of the Forest Governance project in Colombia, Ruben Dario Moreno, said the European Union through the CARDER "see the country and the Autonomous Corporations with good development in terms of Forest Governance, however we need make a decision to enter into negotiations with Europe agreement formally on the issue of the legality of the wood. "

The CARDER, delivered in two months a tool of knowledge, the Corporations of the country, the European Union, the Embassy and Minambiente on what may be the estimated cost of illegal timber in 14 cities.

Thus intersectoral agreement constitutes a contribution to the strengthening of the National Environmental Policy for Sustainable Development, concerning the strengthening of forest governance, which seeks ultimately consolidate the fair market wood.